So, here it is. My (nearly) very first blog post. Actually, a few years ago I started a terminally dull blog tracking the progress of the building work we were having done our house. Thankfully no-one read it.

This time I aim to be Tim Minchingly witty, Attic 24ingly appealing (shout out to the crochet nerds) and highly topical.

Actually scrap the topical, that would mean paying more attention to the news than clicking on the bbc news app once a day and surfing the column of shame on the daily mail website. Curse you mumsnet for the juicy links. Of course when the message pops on my iPad saying ‘you’re on the daily mail website, you right wing, brainless, woman hater, would you like our app?’ – I’m always scandalised. I don’t want your app, I don’t read the daily mail! Except once I’m there I do. Ironically though, and with a healthy amount of self-loathing so that’s ok.

What I would like to create is one of those gloriously coloured, inspiringly photographed blogs full of my latest crafting creations and achingly tender photographs of my children enjoying outdoor pursuits. I am hampered by utter idleness, a gift for imitation rather than creation and the camera skills of a chimp. I do have children though.

I am a knocking-on-the-door-of-40 yr old mother of two children. I work part time, two (sometimes three) days a week and spend the rest of my time crocheting, baking, watching tv – oh yes I do. No use pretending I don’t, I bloody love tv. And no, not Newsnight and worthy documentaries. I like Modern Family, Nashville, 24 hours in A and E, endless friends re-runs, Everybody Loves Raymond, New Girl and West Wing. At the moment the top show in my household is The Great British Bake off. Oh the bake off, happy, happy days. Mel and Sue I love you. Mary, I also love you and your questionable dress sense. Hollywood. No. Tone down the hair gel and grovel publicly to your wife and I might reconsider.

I love reading (but don’t do enough of it). I like walking (ditto). I’m also overly fond of brackets (apologies).

So that’s it.

Thanks for reading the first page.