Dust off the bread machines! I love my bread maker but am guilty of getting in a rut with it, pizza dough and pitta dough seem to be its only functions the last few months. NO MORE!


Oh those bread sticks looked glorious and although messy haired Lucy was the inevitable loser with her tomato bread – it looked scrumptious. Since we have a glut of tomatoes in our greenhouse (virtually our only veg success this year, due to enthusiasm for planting but absolute loathing of weeding) I will be making that this weekend.

On a very shallow note, I really liked Beca’s outfit this week, the bright blue with the yellow – lovely. I’m not afraid of a bit of children’s TV presenter colours m’self (no seriously, I’m trying to be nice).

A message for Frances – gawd love you, you have a flair for the imaginative but it’s a baking programme. Squirrels in cakes fine, props stolen from the borrowers, no.

Let us out Frances, you can keep the ruddy matches

Ruby, oh Ruby. Firstly, she was lucky to get star baker even though she was much improved. In my opinion Kimberly was robbed.
Really my issue with Ruby is she’s so damn miserable. She’s like the student version of Marvin the paranoid Android. ‘I’m so happy’ she says. We’ll have to take your word for it love because no-one’s told your face or your tone of voice.

Perhaps I am being cruel but I say this.
Find your joy Ruby, find your joy.