‘I got star baker last week so it can only go down from here’ drones Ruby.

The start of a not terribly thrilling episode.

How old is Deborah? Oh poor, tiny, thieving Deborah. Bless her frantic scurrying trying to find Howard a spoon to dish out the ill-fated custard.
I thought Howard took it all with very good grace. I loved the clip of him jogging, somehow I knew he would jog like that. I can’t jog more than 30 seconds without wheezing and stopping for cake so I’m impressed by anyone who voluntarily puts themselves through that though.

Rob was out of his league and he knew it. Hats off for taking it with such good grace.

Welsh lady – those teeny weeny macaroons were a triumph.

I’m not a fan of trifle (Cold custard. No. It’s bad enough hot.) and that floating meringue thing looked wrong. I love the petit fours but really, on principle, I’m with the adorable Glen. There’s no such thing as a cake which is TOO big.

So bring on the pies. They looked amazing.